Propolis has been recognised as a major breakthrough in the search for an all-natural aid that can help the body fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections, soothe skin, heal ulcers and improve the general immune system.

The boosting of the human body's immune system is a well-documented use for Propolis and undoubtedly Propolis has anti-oxidant properties that can help the human body fight off infection. There are many recorded cases of how regular intake of Propolis can help people stave off various infections, with the common cold being the most widely talked of.

Many people take Propolis regularly as a general health supplement. Propolis can be used as a safe non-toxic food supplement and may prove helpful in protection against colds, coughs, flu and other viruses.

Recent research suggests Propolis may be useful with some more specific ailments including:

  • Skin Complaints - such as eczema, herpes and psoriasis

  • Sore throats

  • Stomach ulcers

  • Arthritis and Rheumatic ailments

  • Dental problems - such as sore gums and teeth

  • Respiratory problems


 £34.99 365 YEAR SUPPLY (1000mg) //  £11.99 90 3-MONTH SUPPLY (1000mg)
  • These capsules are used as a complete supplement to maintain regular health

  • Safe for all the family

  • Have a great variety of uses


 £5.49 60ml JAR //  £3.99 30ml JAR
  • Contains natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin

  • Suitable for cosmetic uses

  • Variety of uses

  • Nourishes and repairs the skin 


 // £4.99 30ml BOTTLE // 
  • Can be used externally or internally

  • Immediate effect when taken internally

  • Ideal for gargling or as a mouth wash

  • Coats skin with a protective layer when used externally


// £2.29 114g BOX (4oz) // 
  • Tasty raw honey and Propolis

  • Children love them

  • Perfect for summer or winter as the mouth is gently bathed in Propolis

PROPoLIS throat spray.

// £5.99 50ml BOTTLE // 
  • Soothing Lemon flavour

  • Direct spray nozzle application

  • Fast and effective relief

PROPoLIS winter mixture.

// £3.49 100ml BOTTLE // 
  • Warming nourishing mix of Propolis and lemon

  • Smooth taste and speedy results

  • Ideal for children

  • Suitable for Vegetarians

PURE bee pollen capsules.

 // £7.99 100 CAPSULES (500mg) // 
  • Good for the immune system and to help battle hay fever

  • No artificial preservative and flavours

  • No added sugar, salt or colour


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